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Blood-Sister, Blood-Brother, by Joe Gunnarson, is the story of Outcast Corner’s work to rescue Deimos from killing depression after the death of her sister, Phobos. It was released on 2017-03-21. It happens during Summer vacation 2017, but is otherwise undated. The best estimate I can give is that it starts on 2007-06-12 and ends on 2007-07-23. It follows Murphy's Laws of Whateley and Small Mercies, and is followed by Siblings and Savages.


The dates here are close, but may not be exactly right. We got them by chiseling here and there, and then giving it a sharp tap with Mjölnir.


Headmistress Carson gets a call from Johann Richter that his daughter Janine Richter has fallen into a killing depression. She tells Eldritch, who tells the rest of the Outcasts. They agree to rally round and see whether they can pull Janine out of her depression.


Janine is improving.


Janine is improving even more.


Janine is having fun with the rest.


Eldritch explains what’s going on with Janine not being able to “see” her parents, and begins a bit of a correction.


Day 16:

Razorback pulls a prank. Back at Whateley, Roland Williams blew a gasket when he learned that the Imp was on the docket to be hired as an art instructor. Then Gunny Bardue gives Elizabeth Carson the files on the last six people they want to hire for the Ranges and Security. Carson is not happy - she knows who they are.


Day 25:

The Outcasts swear a blood oath of brotherhood and sisterhood. Then … something … intervenes, adding a seventh.


The Outcasts have been experimenting with Fury. The Eldritch breaks the idea that the spirit Monica subsumed was that of one of the Four Sisters, Terry-Kashaly, Thirdborn.



Caitlin returns to Whateley to work on the ordinance and weapons transfer. She thanks Amelia Hartford for cleaning up the DFA mess.