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Bloodworm's name was Cecil Darling. He is dead, or suffering a fate far worse than death.


Bloodworm was the leader of the Goths at Whateley, and spent most of his time with Screech, Romulus, and Remis. He organized the Cult of Cthul and gave himself the name Nyarlathotep. When Sara arrived, he tried to recruit her, and she laughed at him, so he teamed up with the Whateley Martial Arts Cheerleaders to capture Sara and sacrifice her to a demon. Surprisingly, considering his incompetence and lack of any real knowledge, he managed to call up Gothmog, Sara's father. Team Kimba tried to rescue Sara, and in the fighting Bloodworm injured Jade, which resulted in both Sara and Fey attacking him, at which point he fell through the door he'd opened to bring Gothmog. Wherever he is, he's not coming back. When last seen, his namesake was sucking out his soul with a straw, just as Sara predicted.[1]

On the other hand, the very first and last scenes of Insanity Prerequisite suggest that he is coming back. But we might wish that he isn't.[2][3]

His parents later show up to accuse Sara of murdering their son.[4]