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Bluejay (Jay Blue-Lake) is Native American (Chumash)[1], a member of the Whateley Academy Class of 2009, and an Alpha.


Bluejay is a powerful warper who can teleport a group of people,[2] has a danger sense, has some ability to know what others are thinking, and possibly other powers. Lupine identifies him as carrying Bluejay, making him an avatar with a totemic spirit.[3]


  • He was first introduced as one of the Alphas, who ambushed Sara on her way to the Breakfast Brawl and was able to stall her until it was over.[4]
  • During the Halloween party, he wore a fool's costume, tried courting Sara, embarrassed Majestic after she was mean to Jade[5], danced with Jimmy T and expressed a romantic interest in him, warned the Don not to use Jimmy T, helped him do so[6], helped Jimmy T start dating Chimera, gave the Don warning of the attack, freed the Alphas when the Don decided they would fight back[7], and was quite effective in the fight.[5]
  • In the Merry stories, it was revealed that Bluejay is the apprentice shaman for the local werewolf pack under Charlie Lodgeman, and is spending most of his time helping to defend them against the Bastard.[8]


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