Bombastic (no name given) is your typical full-service mutant psycho just looking for someone to play with. In August 2007, she's teamed up with Sinsear and is tasked with the abduction of Ginormous' family. That doesn't go well.

In late November of that year, she's back in Portland. She's more than Roulette and the local kids can handle. Luckily, Zero G and Statuesque intervene before the fun can get to be too much.[1]


Bombastic's skin is tanned and she wears her long black hair in numerous tight braids. Metal rings are woven into some of the braids. Her mouth is wider than normal and filled with sharp teeth.

She wears a green and black catsuit with attached feet, no gloves, leaving her hands and claws exposed.[2]


She's got enhanced speed and reflexes, claws, high-level regeneration, and concussion blasts.[2][3]

Judging by her appearance, there may be some exemplar trait mixed in with mid-range energizer.



Sinsear's allies (Sept. 2007)

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