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Boston is the closest large city to Dunwich and Whateley Academy. It's also easy to reach on a day trip, due to the Grand Miskatonic Shuttle, a train line with enough service that one can get back and forth easily.[1]





Notable Places[]

  • Covington Hotel - Residence of "Miss Carfax", aka "Alex O'Brien" aka Vamp.[3]
  • Mayfair Hotel - A 4 1/2 star hotel that offers the "Schultz" service. "We see noting, we hear noting..." A favorite for villains and covert operatives.[4]
  • Harrison's Restaurant - where Ayla Goodkind held his 15th birthday party.[5]
  • New England Aquarium - Visited by Molly and Chou.[2]
  • Harvard Museum of Natural History - Lovely glass flowers, visited by Molly and Chou.[2]
  • Museum of Fine Arts - Large collection of Chinese calligraphy. Candidate for Molly & Chou's encounter with Death Ghost.[2]
  • Calamus Bookstore - Boston's premiere GLBT bookstore. Candidate for Molly and Chou's visit.[2]