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Branwen joined the canon authors in 2004 after submitting A Simple Game. Before 2016, she used the pen name Dr. Bender. She became interested in literature and monsters via the Dungeons & Dragons group her parents were members of when she was a young child, and the horror genre via watching Nightmare on Elm Street 3. She lists her influences as Raymond E. Feist, Clive Barker, E.E. ‘Doc’ Smith, Akira Kurosawa, Masamune Shirow, Laurell K. Hamilton, Stjepan Šejić, Dan Shive and J. Jacques.

Her primary character is Carmilla, and she also created Arachne as an intended author avatar.

An interview with her can be found at the WA Universe section of the Whateley site.



The following is an exhausting, but not exhaustive, list of stories and the sites which store them for the Benderlicious One Herself!

BCTS=Big Closet Topshelf DA=DeviantArt FM=FictionMania SP=Sapphire's Place WL=Whateley Library

Enemy of Fun's The Darkrealms[]

  • Killer Queen: Those Wacky Nazis - BCTS
  • Killer Queen 2: Howl of the Demon Wolf - BCTS


Maggie Finson's Heaven & Hell (In Nomine RPG)[]

  • Lucifer's Daughter (MF's Heaven & Hell 10) - FM WL

Bek D. Corbin's Merlin High[]

  • Nothing but Trouble - SP

Dr. Bender's The Witchery Universe[]

  • The Witchery Universe Reference Document - BCTS

Shadowrun universe[]

Other Stories[]