"Captain" Bravo (Gregory Bravermann)[1] is one of the Unstoppable Three[2], a group of comic-opera buffoons with a definite homo-phobic slant. He wants to be called "Captain" in contravention of the school rule that code names can't include any unearned titles or ranks.

He is an Energizer superman with energy beams from his eyes.[3]


Bravo has all the physical attributes of a superhero -- taken to a ridiculously exaggerated level: he is tall, broad shouldered, with a barrel chest and massive biceps. He is so overmuscled, in fact, that he looks like a caricature. He has a long, handsome face, waving blonde hair with a curling forelock, and his most distinctive feature: an extremely large lantern jaw, taking at least one quarter of his face.[4]

His superhero "costume" is cheap and homemade, further cementing the impression of a superhero parody: he wears a blue T-shirt with a gold foil iron-on "B" on the chest, a yellow cape attached to his shoulder by safety pins, a yellow belt with a big "B" buckle, and blue jeans tucked into yellow galoshes.[4]



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