Britomart by Drunkfu

Betty Archard, codename Britomart resides in Dickinson Cottage[1] on the Freshman floor[2].

Britomart is a Manifestor who can manifest a "carapace" armor around herself. The problem is that the carapace forms right against her skin, and doesn't dissolve on its own -- Betty has to peel it off when she no longer desires it, pulling every hair off her body in the process. As a result, Betty is totally, full-body bald -- she doesn't even have eyebrows or eyelashes. In regular situations, she wears a pageboy-style wig and false eyelashes, and draws her eyebrows with makeup.[2] Without the carapace, she looks like a cute, freckle-faced blonde; with the carapace, she looks a bit like a Guyver. Her carapace also gives her some jumping ability, and he can manifest a claymore-like sword.[3]

Her family came to visit her for Parents' Day 2006.[4][5]

Betty has some sort of deal going where she apparently tests devises and gadgets for other students. It pays well enough to cover her tuition and expenses, with some money left over to help finance her father's restaurant renovation.[6]

She's one of the heavy hitters in her Basic Martial Arts section. But she's also a real sweetheart.

She received the Sensei's Achievement award on promotion to Sophomore.[7]


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