Jeff ?, code name Bronco, is an Exemplar-3 and PK-3. He's not too bright -- he's still a sophomore at age 17 from having been held back. He and his buddy Silo think it's the height of humor to look at something, ask "what's this?" and watch it break. They're on permanent detention with Maintenance and Repairs to fix what they've broken. Jeff is said to resemble a young Fred Ward.[1]


MID as of 2006-12:[1]

Mutant Identification Card
Code name BRONCO
Ratings Exemplar-3
Techniques Super-Strength:
  • Upper Limits: 5.6 tons
  • Carrying Strength: 4.2 tons
  • Casual Strength: 2.3 tons

Extreme Durability

  • Rated ‘Bulletproof’ at Sniper levels

Enhanced Healing

  • Standing Jump: 2340 ft.
  • Running Jump: 7100 ft.
  • Direct Horizontal: 500 ft.


  • Top Speed: 55 MPH
  • Cruising Speed: 35 MPH

‘Mule Kick’: Focuses more PK power through feet than hands, able to
do more damage with kicks, with greater knock back force

Weak vs Sonics, Magic, Gravitics
Backup / Team Affiliation Silo
Whateley Maintenance & Repairs Department


Fall 2006Edit


Bronco appears first as Sizzle's boyfriend, to harass Chaka for dating Thunderbird.[3]

He commiserates with Folder a bit, and we learn more about him.[4]

He puts in a bit appearance on Parents' Day[5], and helps build Paige Donner's room in the basement of Hawthorne Cottage. He calls Silo "Hayseed" while working on the room.[6]

He loses his Combat Final with Reach. Badly.[1]


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