Brother Kiefhauser appears once in a meeting to give an infodump, and then vanishes, never to be heard from again.[1]

Brother Keifhauser nodded. “It’s a recent development. One of the problems with Conjury, from the point of view of an unscrupulous conjurer, is that once you summon a demon or elemental, you can’t just put them on hold until you need them. You have to give them orders right then, right there. This presents a lot of logistical problems. So, someone came up with a technique of temporarily binding a summoned creature into small temporary ‘vessels’. They call them ‘Conjure seeds’, or ‘Demon Seeds’, or ‘Dragons Teeth’. Each one of these things is about the size of a peach pit, and since the demon or elemental hasn’t been completely brought into the world yet, it will fit into the seed. There’s a specific key to activate these ‘seeds’, depending on the nature of the being that’s under wraps. For an Earth elemental, you’d plant the seed; for a Fire elemental, you’d throw it in a fire.”


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