Buster (Benjamin Torres) is a stupid thug whose only reaction to anything that annoys him is to start swinging. He's an Exemplar 3 and Energizer 2 with a power absorption knack. That is, anything you hit him with makes him stronger.


MID as of 2006-12-13:[1]

Mutant Identification Card
Code name BUSTER
Ratings Exemplar-3 / Energizer-2
Techniques Brute force; Kinetic energy absorption
Weak vs Magic, Psi
Backup / Team Affiliation Brute Squad


He and Negator were sent to kill Tennyo.[2][3]

He flunked his Fall 2006 Combat Final because he didn't have the intelligence to simply walk up and enter the required information -- his opponent would have simply avoided him. Instead, he went after her, and wound up walking into a trap.[1]

He went after several kids from Melville who were taunting him about his combat final, which brought him to the attention of Security.[4]

He attempted to steal Winnie's lunch, but Chou, Dorjee and Hank stared him down.[5]

Gateway later sent a tanuki to harass him.[6]


Winter 2007Edit

  • Martial Arts (not sure which one, but the tanuki degroined his dojo garb)


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