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Supervillain before 1965[]

Cagliostro, also known as Mr. Harold Garrity, was a supervillain active before the 1960s. He's the house parent for Emerson Cottage in 1966 when Mimeo arrives. He's a real badass mage.[1]

Student in 2006[]

Marcello Baldinato, code name Cagliostro, and his buddy Gauntlet would like to do a little bullying, but they can't seem to make it work. Cagliostro is presumably a projective telepath of some kind who likes to think he's a hypnotist, but he can't make that work either. Reach knows them from Emerson.[2]


Gauntlet and Cagliostro try to bully Reach after he gets changed into a girl. She-Beast interrupts the first session to discuss something else with her. The Spy Kids chase them off the second time.[2] Later, with TNT backing him up, he attempts to hypnotize Pejuta into going out with him, but instead triggers a panic attack in which she manifests Tatanka, who attacks him and Truck.[3]