Camille Anders,[1] born Ethan Allen Anders,[2] is a mutant. Born the son of supervillains Iron Queen and Asmodeus, he was raised by his maternal aunt in Topeka, Kansas. Being publicly known as the child of known supervillains, he was constantly monitored by the Mutant Commission Office.[2] After manifesting on 2007-04-21, Ethan was taken by his parents to protect him from the MCO.


I was a curvy, beautiful girl with a symmetrical oval face, almond shaped eyes in a vivid emerald green, high, well defined cheekbones, small straight nose with just a bit of tilt at the end, full but not quite pouty mouth, small rounded chin and a smooth, delicate jawline. Framed with thick, curly-wavy midnight black hair that fell to my newly rounded ass. So much NOT what I wanted to see. I was a babe. And as previously hinted, really built. Gah![1]


Camille was tentatively classed as a level 2 Empath and level 4 Wizard by her mother's testing.[1]


Tai chi, the martial form not the exercises, Karate, Tai Kwon Do, and Judo were things I had studied and practiced since I was around four years old. I had advanced belts in all of those.[2]
My classes were easy, even the college level trig and English I went to. I was a great student so far as the teachers were concerned. Socially? Not so much. Near absolute failure on that last one comes to mind.[2]



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