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Cassandra Phelps (no code name known) is a magic student at Whateley. She appears by reference in one story. The 2006-2007 is not her first year at Whateley, since, as Ophelia Tenent says: "She ah, got kicked out of Englund’s World Religions class last year."[1]

Ophelia blinked, “Ms. More Jew than you?” she hastily covered her mouth looking slightly abashed.

Why she got kicked out of World Religions[]

“Well she had the ‘gall’ if you will, to challenge Englund on his lack of Jewish content.” Ophelia rolled her eyes, “Not that she was wrong in her observations, but her manner left much in the way of tact and political correctness.”

Personality Info[]

“No, but she has a real hate on for folks making hell for the people in Israel.” Ophelia shook her head and sighed, “An understandable reaction considering she has lost family there.”


Cassandra tends to focus her ire on militant types.” Ophelia tapped her nose, “But from what I remember she is good with transformation magicks so we might ask her to evaluate Pat with an eye to restoring him, later on.