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This category covers people who can't be easily fit into the old-fashioned "male" and "female" binary categories. It is, by design, a very inclusive category. It includes (but is not limited to):

  • Transgender people in the usual sense, that is, people who have a gender identity different from their biological gender
  • Intersex people, who have biological characteristics of both genders
  • People who had their biological gender changed regardless their preference. The number of factors which can lead to such a transition are nearly as numerous as the individuals affected, including but by no means limited to an Exemplar trait, a bonded spirit in the case of Avatars, magic, devises and even nanotechnology
  • People who alternate between genders
  • People who no longer have a gender as such

In Poe Cottage internal slang, members of this category are known as "changelings," and are said to be "changing sides in the war between the sexes."

The name of the category refers to an item on the Whateley Academy admission form, where the applicant is asked to mark their sex, with the options being "Male/Female/Complicated."

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