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Seal of the Central Intelligence Agency

The Central Intelligence Agency, or CIA, is a American government organization responsible for providing national security intelligence to US government officials. In the Whateleyverse, it is somewhat closer to a conspiracy theorist's view of the organization.

For one thing, the CIA employs many mutant operatives, including both of Tennyo's parents, whose codenames are Flashlight and Weasel, and her brothers, and hires mutant contractors such as Setup. Mr. Frisk, their boss, spends most of Parents' Day trying to get Tennyo to sign on too. He tries to keep Tennyo out of the action during The Christmas Crisis, but only manages to piss her off to where she'll probably report in dead before working for him.

The CIA also runs a taskforce to fight the supervillain Dr. Palm, which Merry joins for a while. However, corruption and incompetence in their ranks result in the death of her friend, accelerating her drop into madness, and allowing her to be used for illegal drug testing, after which she is handed off to ARC.