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Alvin "Captain Canada!" Cuthbert,[1] code name Cerebrex, is a member of the Vindicators training team. He's a Package Deal Psychic who is pretty powerful once he gets stoked up. He has Diedrick's Syndrome.[2]


MID as of 2006-12:[3]

Mutant Identification Card
Code name Cerebrex
Ratings PDP: ESP 2 / PSI 2 / PK 3
Techniques Strength Enhancement, Mind Hunter, TK Throw, Flight, Ram Surge
Weak vs Emotional overload
Backup / Team Affiliation Vindicators


Ayla: "He’s a Package Deal Psychic — that is he can to telepathy or ESP or telekinesis, one at a time — and a pretty powerful one, but he’s gotta psyche himself up to do it first. Apparently the only thing that gets him stoked up on a consistent basis is his love for the Great White North."[1]

The other Canadians at the school are more than a little irritated with him because of this: they don't like someone making them look like idiots.[1]


He, and the rest of the Vindicators, take a run at the Yama Dojo ninjas, and get stomped.[1]

He loses his Combat Final against Heyoka[3]

He, and the rest of the Vindicators, appear in the Winter 2007 Team Tactics classes.[4][5]


Winter 2007[]

Other uses of the codename[]

Cerebrex was the code name of a villain of the 60s who was one of the many aliases of Mephisto the Mentalist.[7] In [8] Hazmat says that not even the Amazing Three were able to work his stuff, which wasn't at all surprising since it didn't do anything -- it was one of Mephisto's scams.