Chain Lightning (Dorjee "David" Nawang) is a member of the Dragons Martial Arts club. He's Tibetan and is studying to become a Buddhist monk. As of Fall 2006 he's a sophomore.[1] He can create a multi-linked chain whip made out of lightning; he can push power into it like a taser and after utilizing it he's hungry.[2] He is an energizer[3] and an exemplar.[4]

Chou Lee originally began dating him to cover up her relationship with Molly,[1] but discovered that she fell in love with him. As of the end of Five Elements Dancing, the three are in a poly relationship.[5]

As part of a group comprised of himself, Bladedancer, Gateway, and Geomancer, he participated in taking down a major working of Hekate and her dark Master.[4] They are considering keeping this team together, but have not given it a name.



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