The Chandlers are Chaka's relatives.

Great-great-uncle FredEdit

Evadne's uncle, who walked her down the aisle in her wedding.[1]

Louis ChandlerEdit

Louis was Toni's grandfather. He died of a heart attack two weeks after the 42nd anniversary of his marriage to Evadne. With his wife's help, he turned a TV-repair shop into one of the first black-owned business franchises in Baltimore.[1]

Evadne ChandlerEdit

Evadne is Toni's grandmother and the real head of the family. As of November 11, 2006, she "looked to be either in her late fifties or well-kept sixties". She's a remarkable lady who took part on the Civil Rights movement. In the march from Selma, she and two friends were attacked by the White Knight and spent over a week in the hospital. Possibly encountered Gothmog in his "Antonio Marques Dominguez" form, when she was twenty-one, and was a looker.[2] She worked in her husband's business and learned quite a bit about electricity and electronics.[1]

Carl ChandlerEdit

Carlton Morris Chandler is Evadne's oldest son. He sometimes deludes himself that his status as "oldest male Chandler" gives him some sort of authority position.[1]

Joel ChandlerEdit

Toni's father. He's a fairly successful professional, pulling a six-figure salary.[3]

Valerie ChandlerEdit

Toni's mother. She's a fairly successful professional, pulling a six-figure salary.[3]

Vincent ChandlerEdit

Vince is the Chandlers' oldest son. He has a taste for gangsta rap and related culture, styling himself ".44 Mag Vin" and affecting a lifestyle he has never actually known, being raised by middle-class suburban parents. He didn't take Tony turning into a girl well, worrying that it somehow impinges on his masculinity. The fact that Toni openly disses his beloved Gangsta Rap doesn't help. But it doesn't seem to go beyond sibling rivalry—in a pinch, Vince will take Toni's side.[3]

Cindy ChandlerEdit

Cindy was used to being the family's overachiever. She didn't particularly like that Toni is now a prettier girl and a world-class martial arts genius who gets a full scholarship to study at a fancy prep school.[3]

Toni ChandlerEdit

Main article: Chaka

Tony Chandler was a rather unremarkable middle child... until his mutant trait activated, giving his martial arts an enormous jump and transforming him into a girl over summer.[3]

Lucy ChandlerEdit

Two years younger than Toni.[3]

Matt ChandlerEdit

The Chandlers' youngest, five years younger than Toni, he dreams of getting mutant powers himself.[3]


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