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Adalie Vitesse, code name Charge (pronounced "sharj," as in French),[1] is a member of the Beret Mafia; she's French. She's a speedster and Exemplar, and (possibly) a Precog.[2]

She has quite an Eurocentric attitude, finding fault with just about everything related to Americans or the United States in general, and is not shy about voicing her opinions. Her attitude is based upon the death of her great-grandfather, killed by American soldiers during the Liberation of France, and the death of mother during childbirth. An American doctor was treating her, when she died.[3]

Charge has some family issues associated with losing her mother, including an intense dislike of her father's young live-in girlfriend (she prefers to use the derogatory term mistress) - suspecting the girl will marry Charge's father and make everyone forget her mother. She is usually very private about her family issues. She also has a huge distrust of the MCO from their attempted abduction of her.[3]


Main Character[]

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Physical Description[]

Shorter than Matt Walker, attractive, burnette.[4]


Charge's last name, Vitesse, means "speed", as a reference to her speedster powers.[5]


MID as of 2006-12-11:[2]

Mutant Identification Card
Code name Charge
Ratings Energizer–2; Exemplar–1
Techniques Speed (escape)
Weak vs Strength, Flight, Psychic, Magic
Backup / Team Affiliation Euro-Promotional League


She has her mutant manifestation and runs into the French MCO.[3]

She has a fairly large role in the affair of the sabotage of her friend Spark's experiments.[6]

Due to distrust from the administration she is moved to Melville, where she meets a new roommate.[2]

She is invited to a mysterious French Consular affair in Boston, and takes her Alicia and Automa-Tech with her, which turns out to be fortuitous.[7]

After Ayla and Vox break up, she decides to try to woo Ayla, not realizing that at the same time, Charmer is trying to wrangle a business deal with Ayla. Naturally this results in some confusion.[8]

She gets involved in a couple of battles over Spring Break, and perhaps finally seeing the wisdom of the martial arts classes, decides to join her roommate Alicia and her friend Kayda on a new combat team.[9]

With Alicia and Kayda, she spends time at Alicia's home in Louisiana, a couple of eventful weeks in South Dakota at Kayda's home, and a couple of weeks with the girls and Ayla and Jade in France, where she misses "Jade's Night at the Museum".[10]


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