Point d'inflexion is a 16,000 word novelette, the third of ElrodW's stories featuring Charge. It was released on 30 November 2014 and covers a period of time from 15 to 22 March 2007.


Adalie is told by the administration that she is needed at the French consulate in Boston for the weekend.  She asks Automa-Tech to be her senior chaperon, and invites her roommate Alicia to come along as well, having a premonition that she'll need her help.

They meet Adalie's Aunt Teri at the train station, then enjoy a shopping trip on the consulate's credit card. Purse snatchers target Adalie, and she and Donza stop them.

Later, they attend a party at the embassy.

The next day, Aunt Teri arranges a conference call with Adalie's father and her father's mistress Nicole, who Adalie dislikes intensely. They tell her that Nicole is pregnant; Adalie is distraught, and runs away, convinced that Nicole has finally succeeded in completely replacing Addy's mother. Alicia finds her and comforts her.

On their return to Whateley they are midly reprimanded for openly using their powers to stop the purse-snatchers, but not punished.

Mrs. Carson summons Adalie to her office, where she talks with her, then calls Adalie's father to let her talk with him.

Alicia cooks a meal of gumbo and other Cajun food for Adalie; they invite the rest of the Beret Mafia, plus Reach, to join them.

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