Charge of the Light Vignettes, is a vignette by ElrodW featureing Charge. It was published on 2019-04-01 and occurs from 2007-08-24 to 2007-08-29. It is preceded by Charge 3: Point d'inflexion. At the time this page was created, there is no following story.


Part 1: Targets of OpportunityEdit


Adalie Vitesse discusses what she's taking to Whateley in a few days with her father. Her father is very concerned with the shipment, as well as Adalie's younger sister, Amalie, who will be going as well.


That afternoon Adalie Vitesse gets to Whateley and checks her shipment in with Security. She meets Alicia Thacker on the way. She has lunch with Kayda Franks and Alicia.


In the morning, Adalie Vitesse meets with her faculty advisor, Madame Prudhomme, and changes a course and adds another one. Her advisor checks to see if it's a joke, but Adalie assures her that it isn't. Her advisor makes the changes. Almost immediately there's a call from Administration about the changes; Adalie is to get to Administration immediately.

Adalie meets with Headmistress Carson, Assistant Headmistress Hartford and the Dean of Students. They initially think it's a prank, but Adalie convinces them it might not be.

Booker, one of the campus bookies, gets a hot tip from his girlfriend about the situation. He begins to set up the odds. He has Tweak set up a pay-per-view.

Gunny Bardue administers the necessary tests to Adalie Vitesse, Alicia Thacker and Kayda Franks.

Just before the action starts, a freshman girl who Booker doesn't recognize places a small bet.

In the event, all three girls pass. Gunny tells them that they need to take the ROTC marksmanship course (one hour before dinner on Sunday), mostly to give the Grunt's some motivation to improve. Headmistress Carson approves Adalie Vitesse's course requests.

Booker and Linda wrap up with a nice profit. They still haven't recognized the freshman girl as Adalie Vitesse's younger sister, Amalie.


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Part 1Edit

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