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Totem[1] (Charles, then Charlie Lodgeman in later stories) is a member of the Mystic Six[2], and was also married to deceased member, Cirque.[3] He is one of the Whateley Trustees.[4] He also serves on the Board of Supervisors.[5] See Mystic Six for information common to all six members of the group, including their history.




Physical Description[]

Generally dressed in western combined with Indian motif: jeans, plaid shirt, cowboy boots, and various Indian motif items, (bead belts, etc. usually something different everyday). Despite having been at Whateley for a few years, there are still packed boxes in his office as if he hasn't completely moved in. The desk is covered with papers and other things. The only clean spot in the room is a shelf where he keeps his ceremonial pipe wrapped up, a hand painted drum, and a picture of his dead wife, though the picture is turned around.[6]


Charles likes to help people. Especially those in difficult circumstances and is always looking for new causes to champion. These causes are individuals that he feels need a little help to find direction and resources to succeed. He hates bullies and those who abuse authority and talents. He and Ms. Hartford have been at daggers drawn since she came to work at Whateley.


Charles is a shaman.[3] His code name is ‘Totem’ and his spirit abilities allow him to perform many mentalist type abilities. He can control his age at will. The powers of the various wild spirits are his and he can use them to magnify his normal abilities far beyond normal as he needs them.[7] He is a healer as well. Unknown to most, he is a powerful avatar and is the embodiment of the Shaman.[3] It is difficult to control this part of his nature and he doesn’t like to use it if he can avoid it.


His wife, Cirque, was killed as the result of an attack on a group of black mages that was organized by Reverend Englund.[3] He withdrew from the group after that, and it is very unsettling to him that Nikki is turning into Cirque's spitting image.[3]

While his friends were busy with something in nearby New Hampshire, Charles was on his own in the woods. But in the 1980’s, a native American friend broke Charles’s seclusion to seek help for a tribal member: Red Wolfe. Red had been affected by an old family curse, and had the appearance of a classic cinema werewolf. Although Charles couldn't remove the curse, he started getting involved in the world again. He is now sponsoring Red's son, Harry Wolfe, to Whateley.[8]

A contact for Tennyo through the Tanakas, Charles is quickly growing to like her on her own merits. He has old and long-standing issues with fellow board member Reverend Darren Englund, largely because of the death of his wife.[3] He has taken Jamie under his protective wing, though he doesn't interfere any more than he thinks is necessary.[6] He gets together with the Native American, and other interested students, once a week or so for drumming, singing and storytelling to nurture the various Native cultures they come from, and to keep an eye on Jamie, Bluejay and others.


When he first meets Fey, her resemblance to Cirque overwhelms him, sending him to The Grove. Tennyo follows and brings him back, precipitating the incident of Commander Chipmunk[9] and the Banana Gun.[10]

His major story appearance to date was in There's an Angel in Father John's Basement, as well as many of Tennyo's stories.

He also appears in many of Kayda Franks' stories.