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Charmer by Drunkfu

Primavera "Vera" Villabianca, code name Charmer, is a mage specializing in summonings. She has a bracelet whose charms contain prepared spells.[1]


MID as of 2006-12:[2]

Mutant Identification Card
Code name CHARMER
Ratings Mage – 5
Techniques Blitz blast, Shield of Simeon , Rings of Rangoon, Golem Charm, Barricade Charm
Weak vs Undead, Psychic, Endurance / long combat
Backup / Team Affiliation Euro-promotional League


Vera was born in Monaco, and her preferred language is French. She is sponsored by the Monaco royal family and set to become the Royal Wizardess of Monaco.[3] Her father's business has been referred to as Villabianca Wines, Villabianca Imports and Villabianca Importing. Whether these names refer to different parts of the same company, different translations or are the result of a mistake on part of the speaker is unclear. Vera has intricately styled black hair, and violet eyes. She is a member of the Beret Mafia[3]. Initially she is not a member of the Golden Kids[4], but Phase talks her into attending when he hosted[5]; she is a friend of Phase. Her roommate is Geomancer.[6]



  • Father Villabiance Wines
  • Mother



Fall 2006[]