Chasing the Dragon is a vignette by Bek D. Corbin. It takes place on December 13, 2006 It details the Combat Final between She-Beast and Zhong Lau. It follows Olympia vs Hardcase.

Dragonrider tells Jadis Diabolik that she's up. Nacht stays behind to tell her who her opponent is going to be, while Dragonrider takes 8 prepared utility belts down to the arena with She-Beast. When Nacht tells her that her opponent is going to be Zhong Lau, she picks belt "D" with a couple of extras from other belts, and asks Lindsay to delay Zhong Lau for a moment.

Elsewhere, Phase fills in the rest of Team Kimba on how she knows her and her brother, Techno-Devil, from Westchester Montessori.

She-Beast prepares a mystical diagram before Zhong Lau arrives. They both do a quick costume change for extra credit.

Peeper says: She-Beast certainly knows how to wrap it! Her combat togs are from the ‘Madam Hydra’ collection, a sleeveless blood-red body stocking with a half-mask with a built-in visor, black jackboots, with matching opera gloves, shoulder harness, hip holster and utility belt with a brass buckle in the form of what I’m guessing is her ‘She-Beast’ logo.

After a quick flurry of attacks with a whip, the fight is on.

She-Beast maintains control of the combat, performing several weird moves that have Lancer puzzled about their apparent tactical lack of importance.

Elsewhere, Beltane and Fey figure out her strategy.

The combat ends when Zhong Lau's dragon spirit begins to run around the arena, trapped in a mystic pentagram.

During the after action debrief, Ito Sensi and Elyzia Grimes discuss the folly of using prepared strategies, and She-Beast briefly alludes to a plot by the Bad Seeds to steal Zhong Lao's dragon spirit. She-Beast: B, Zhong Lau: C.


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