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Prudence Tavori, also called Prue, codename Chemtrail, is a Whateley student. She is on the Technology track, therefore she's likely to be a Gadgeteer or Devisor. She skipped fifth grade, so she's one year younger than average for her class. She joined Venus Inc in the 2005-2006 school year.[1]

She is a wanna-be hanger on of Solange. She is the same size as Solange, but not as attractive (in Solange's mind). Solange recovers some borrowed clothes from her after Shroud gives away all Solange's clothes. She also monitors Solange's body while Negator uses his powers to keep her unconscious.[2]

She goes to the All Hallows Ball ball with Greasy, using costumes provided by Solange.[3]


Prue has a model's body, tall, lean and curvy, with perfect olive skin and midnight black hair that she wears in a ponytail. She wasn't as gifted in the face department, however: she has an... unfortunate nose, an overbite and bushy "Italian" eyebrows, which she didn't pluck because her father told her she should "live with them." Not really ugly, just not a "model" face. However, that didn't keep her from joining Venus Inc. and modeling lingerie for Maidenform and J.C. Penney -- jobs in which her face wasn't shown.[1]


2007 Spring term[]

  • Advanced Chemistry and Polymers[1]