Chet Haskins is a member of Whateley Security squad 3.

Chet Haskins had played football in college. He had joined the marines after that and served honorably in a Recon unit for eight years. He had even seen action in the Gulf. That had convinced him that he wanted something else in life and he opted not to reenlist after his eight years were up. He still found himself drawn to similar work and the job of security at Whateley fit the bill. Interesting and challenging at the same time.
Six feet three inches and 250 lbs of well trained muscle, he was not easily intimidated by much of anything.[1]


Tennyo approaches him because of the medical emergency she found when she went fishing with Harry.[1]

Tansy spins Officer Haskins a story during the Breakfast Brawl.[2]

Officer Haskins brings what's left of Shroud.[3]


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