Chicken (Master Sergeant James Tyson, USA, Ret.) was a special forces Delta operator. He made a promise to 1st Lieutenant Lewis Moate as he died to look out for his son, Daniel Moate. 15 years later, in 1997, Lieutenant Daniel Moate arrives and James has himself assigned as his Sergeant. Command Sergeant Major Tyson leaves the military after Daniel's wife and most of his remaining family is killed in an accident involving an oil truck. In late 2015 he decides he's had enough fishing and goes to see his old commander again. As he gets there, he sees an H1 mob attacking a mutant, and his old commander, now a university professor, attempting to stop them. An MCO armor suit unit attacks and refuses to stand down when he invokes DPA override authority. He kills all four of them while Daniel manifests and forces the mob to flee.[1]

Tyson takes a job at Whateley Academy as assistant to the Rangemaster (Eldritch). He's still keeping an eye on his old boss, although her manifestation turned her into a 14-year-old girl Hikaru Myoujin.[2]


"seemingly middle-aged black man, who was so military it hurt. ... He was older than most of her range staff, but even so it was incredibly difficult to believe the Delta operator had been in the army for longer than she’d been alive. Fifty years of experience was hard to come by."[2]


Given his performance and age, probably some level of Exemplar. MMID: US-00027-GA.



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