Chorale (real name unknown) is a Siren. She appears in the Winter 2007 term Siren's special topics class. She's a Sophomore in Whitman, and sounds American.

The other girl, who had brown hair with dyed-in blonde streaks (and wasn’t nearly as cute as the blonde), said, “Oh thank God, I was worrying about the same thing!” That girl had another strange Siren voice. Hers sounded like she was harmonizing with five other people who weren’t visible. It reminded Vox of when Ayla’s friends had dragged her off to watch some stupid Star Trek movie, and the Borg had spoken. Ayla had wanted Vox to sit with him and watch the movie, but his friends thought Vox would be interested in the Borg ‘voice’.[1]


Chorale demonstrated that she could sing like an entire choir. But the really cool thing she did was to sing a set of ear-pounding notes that really built a sonic ‘cage’ around her. Once she had the cage up, they threw things at her. Everything just bounced off the invisible sound barrier. Dr. Hewley even had her put up a sound barrier in the firing range (without her in it) and let Screech take a blast at it. It actually held up to Screech’s force, although the impact gave Chorale a horrible headache.[1]


She appears in the class.[1][2]


Winter 2007Edit


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