Administrative Sergeant Clay Buxton controlled all the online betting and illicit flow of information from Whateley Academy. He was a man that no one saw, but who controlled great power in his own right.
At 6' 1" and a slowly softening 210 lbs. he did not seem to be the man of influence that he actually was. Graying crewcut hair and a false friendly attitude tended to soften the steel hard determination to succeed at any cost attitude that was his.[1]

Chief Franklin Delarose and Headmistress Carson are aware of this, but choose to mostly tolerate his behavior because information leaks are a necessary evil and Buxton at least has some respect for serious security issues. The man may be corrupt but he knows his business.


He's listening when Mark Mathews is having fun with Lt. Reynolds.[1]

He arranges for severance of all connections with the Palm AI that someone slipped to them. Given his talking to an associate of the assassins who were gunning for Tennyo, cue ominous music.[1]

Officer Johnson gets him a bit peeved by moving into The Grove.[1]

When Fey and Tennyo head to The Grove, followed by Stalwart, he has Mathews keep an eye on the monitors, and sends Sgt. Hackitt to tell Stalwart when the girls appear back on campus.[1]

Erik Mahren refuses to allow Buxton and Trout to have anything to do with the transshipping of an ammunition shipment.[2]

When Ayla Goodkind tries to establish information links with security, Buxton sets a test to see if she can be trusted; when she turns the tables, he makes a deal.[3]


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