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Clover by Drunkfu

Clover (Estelle Getty[1]) is one of the Three Little Witches. She's 12 as of Fall 2006, and is a probability warper in addition to being a wizard. She has a familiar named Buttons, who is a Barguest that normally appears as a cute puppy but can grow to the size of a small pony, which she rides on occasion. She wears her blond hair in a "Harpo Marx" type cut.[2] She has blue eyes.[3]

Her probability warping ability gives her an amazing amount of luck, however she's not aware when she's pushed it too far and it's about to turn into bad luck.

On 2007-01-11, she got "a sphere of Universal Chi about the size of a soccer ball" from Bladedancer[4]

Hijacker scared her into full-on probability mangler mode on too many occasions.[3]

Bladedancer's Tao-powered destiny senses read her as:

Clover was in four places at once in the tapestry as Chou tracked the horrific mangling of fate and probability that flowed in her wake, and yet it seemed that it was a natural thing, for the Tao demanded order and chaos in equal measure, and the child absolutely exemplified chaos in an ordered place. She wasn’t predestined to become good or evil, but both and neither, an oddity demanded by her unique place in the tapestry. She simply was a necessary random element.[3]



  • Some static electricity spell that she taught Kayda. When Kayda used it "high-voltage surged through [her] fingertips, discharging in a massive burst of static electricity". [5]


Fall 2006[]