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Barbara Anne 'Babs' Younkle, code name Compiler, is a devisor specializing in nano-tech. When she arrived at Whateley, she decided to create a "supergirl" package for herself. It worked. Sort of. She's in Hawthorne because she weighs about four times normal and has uncontrollable bursts of speed.[1]

She looked like a Barbie™ doll, full-sized and come to life. Her hair was midnight black, but other than that, she could have stepped out of the Dream House©. She had the impossibly cute face with the oversized eyes and the teeny little nose, the ridiculous breasts, the absurdly narrow waist, and long slender legs.
She blinked unlikely iridescent green eyes at us and said, “Yes?”[1]

Compiler is also a member of the Lit Chix.[2][3]

From the Bible Character description:

She's had several notable failures, as well. Her pore-cleansing-facial-creme was fortunately tried on animal carcasses before it ever striped the flesh off a living person. The less said about her perpetual tampon, the better. She's still puzzled by the Breakfast synthesis factory -- while the food all looked and smelled wonderful, the taste and toxic properties were discovered before permanent damage occurred. And her rather frightening creation dubbed "active toilet technology" (inspired by something called a "salon" in a poorly conceived piece of internet fiction) had unusual interactions with the waste disposal system in Hawthorne. These particular nanos have remained active. Indeed, they may actually be evolving into a higher state (or lower, or whatever). Now that that restroom has been placed behind a secure door, the Hawthorne residents tend to avoid that bathroom, except for the more adventurous (or desperate) students, and of course for use as a prank on visitors.