Mr. Conrad Filbert[1] is the Twain Cottage dorm parent. As of October, 2007 he is fifty and normally dressed like a coach or gym teacher with a Whateley Crest Polo Shirt and shorts if the weather is at all permitting. He has a gruff, somewhat macho exterior.[2]


Conrad was a Track and Field Olympian with a pair of silver medals from two different Olympic Games. For a time he was the right hand of a 'British Billionaire Adventurer' and is known to have:[2]

  • canoed up the Nile to its head waters past Lake Victoria
  • Base Jumped from the Hilton Orbital Hotel and Casino
  • Circumnavigated the world nonstop in a balloon


an extremely fit older man, somewhere around six feet or so, in a shirt like the one Wyatt was wearing (a black polo shirt with a school crest on the left breast in gold) with a whistle on a lanyard around his neck. He had a tanned, weathered face which was square shaped with a sharply defined jaw.[3]


He does some dorm parent stuff[4][5], including counseling Peeper when Greasy was reassigned to a new room.[1]


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