Coreolis (real name unknown) is an energizer. Whether she's an Exemplar seems to depend on the story.

After Mega-Death, Sebastiano’s only real amusement was setting up a girl called ‘Coreolis’ for a seduction. Coreolis was an attractive enough girl, but she wasn’t an Exemplar, and she felt overshadowed by the beauty all around her. She needed to feel beautiful, and he’d help her do that. Until he had his way with her and dropped her cold. It was an old game, but Sebastiano had a deep appreciation for the pain caused by a broken heart. But that was just the romantic in him.[1]
This time, it was Coreolis and her galpal Attributes. It took me at least a minute to get rid of them. Okay, I wasn’t trying all that hard, because Coreolis is another major Exemplar hottie on top of her Energizer powers, and her friend Attributes is stacked like there’s no tomorrow.[2]


Don Sebastiano plans to set Coreolis up for a seduction and drop sequence.[1][3]

Anna wonders if her squirrel spirit is going to turn her into as great a slut as Solange and Coreolis.[4]

Dynamaxx is reported to be going out with Coreolis.[5]

Coreolis tries to get an invitation to Ayla's birthday party.[2]


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