Cornflower (Debra Matson) is a superhero and a member of the Sioux Falls League. She is the younger of the two women on the team, being described as around 18 years old. Cornflower is a Whateley Academy alumnus, class of 2006 and a former member of Venus Inc..


She's blond, well-built, with cornflower-blue eyes.


She is an Exemplar and an Energizer, with the ability to send out concussive pressure waves. She is also a Regenerator[1] of some level, although it's not clear if that's because her exemplar level is high, or if it's an independent power.


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    • Don is described as a nerdy-looking guy in his mid forties. He's the team's resident Gadgeteer and Devisor.
    • Javier is described as Hispanic and in his mid twenties. He's one of the team's laboratory technicians.
    • Romeo Foxtrot (a nickname picked up while he served in the military)[2] is the team's communications guru.
    • Dr. Winkler is the team medic.
    • Yvonne is described as in her thirties. She's one of the team's laboratory technicians.
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