Counterpoint's name is Christopher Watson. He is the reincarnation of Ares/Mars.


He is 15, and a freshman at Whateley. His powers are classed as EX-3, SH-5ucwm/Power Mimic. He is Caucasian, with red eyes and black hair, and a hawkish face. He lives in Emerson,[1] or is it Melville,[2] is on the UltraViolent List, and is a member of the New Olympians. Since he is the son of Zeus, as part of his mystic nature he has to obey Imperious.[3] He loves to fight, and is generally regarded as a psycho by the other students.


Taking possession of the child minutes after he was born, Mars grew up with what would've been loving parents if he hadn't practically terrorized them from the time he was 6. A borderline sociopath, Christopher is constantly looking for someone to challenge. With his powers manifesting by the time he was 10, Christopher took to bullying anyone and everyone he met. With the ability to copy his opponent’s powers, in addition to being Exemplar 3, he often comes out on top in one-one fights. However, he can only copy one person at a time, making group fighting his biggest weakness.[4]


Counterpoint was barred from the ranges at Whateley after pointing a .50 caliber rifle at Mule.[5]

Ayla succeeds in talking his way out of fighting with Counterpoint, thanks to Imperious' intervention.[6]

N'Dizi twice uses Counterpoint as his tool, the first time with his knowledge, against Chaka,[7] the second without, against Bladedancer.[8] N'Dizi didn't plan on Counterpoint finding out about the second time, which was kinda dumb on his part.[9]

Counterpoint is with Imperious when they attempt to take down Eldritch. Eldritch comes very close to killing him.[10]

Counterpoint attempts to copy Seraphim's power but only ended up copying her original pre-New York power set.[11]

Make and Overclock use a simulation of Counterpoint in an attack on Team Kimba. Imperious is not amused.[12] [13]

Counterpoint engages in a running feud with Jobe which ends when Belphoebe shoots him, then injects him with two of Jobe's serums. The first serum is an anti-regenerative, which prevented his wound from healing to any extent. The other one was described as:

"Well, it’s possible that there may be a bit of animal transformation mixed in there, using the same technology that made us drow. And it’s possible that it’s a pretty freakishly ugly creation. And that both his testosterone and adrenal hormones have been completely blocked. That may make him less aggressive and less dangerous. And I suppose it’s possible…”
“Well, I’ve been trying to isolate a pheromone that signals ‘delicious’ to any predator.”
“Well, I sure hope I didn’t tell you to inject the yellow-green cylinder. That was a dog-sized thing. Sort of a giant, hairless rodent, but with tentacles. And lots of drool. Extremely slow and awkward, but it can sure thrash a lot. The good thing is that so long as they don’t manage to re-eneable his healing, he should barely transform at all.”[14]


Fall 2006Edit


Elsewhere it's said that he has four "slots" for copied powers, meaning he can use four out of his library of acquired powers at a time.

Contrawise; Jobe described him as being a "multiple sequential mimic" - capable of mimicing a set of up to four or five powers, but only able to use them one at a time.[15]


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