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Schuster Hall with Crystal Hall by E. E

Schuster Hall with Crystal Hall by E. E. Nalley

The Crystal Hall (Not to be confused with crystalhall.org, the former Whateley website prior to 2014) is the main cafeteria for Whateley Academy , and one of its most prominent landmarks.

The Senior Legacy of the Class of 1985, the Crystal Hall is an enormous 'glass' geodesic dome attached to Schuster Hall. However, since normal glass wouldn't last very long in a superpowered cafeteria, the clear panels making up the hall are actually a manifestation of Diamond Cutter,[1] stronger than diamond.

The Senior class of 2007 renovated the Crystal Hall as their legacy.[2] The renovations took part during the Winter Term, by the end of which[3] the hall had been expanded to now feature three levels and expanded food preparation areas.[4]

The upper two levels are circular with high ceilings, like the floor level, but don't touch the sides of the dome, so it's still possible to fly around and between levels (on green flag days, at least). The central waterfall and pools have been redesigned to be higher than the top level, and every level has some waterfalls and pools. Three tall, slender trees rise through openings in the upper floors. The plantings on each level tend to be thematic. The ground floor food area was enlarged, with the specialty foods more separated from the main food lines for privacy. To move between floors, there are three options: one elevator, a winding staircase coiled around the central waterfall, and two pairs of escalators, one on each side of the waterfall.[3]

Students consider the higher floors, and proximity to the waterfall, as status symbols. The Alphas took one of the central tables on the top level, near the uppermost portion of the waterfall, as did the Cape Squad, the Golden Kids and the New Olympians. Other known occupants of this level include the Bad Seeds, the Dragons, the Grunts, Team Kimba, the Outcast Corner, Pan-Asia and Venus Inc.[3]

The Beret Mafia, Handmaid's Own, the Good Ol' Boyz, the Tigers and the Whateley Martial Arts Cheerleaders sit at the middle level, while at the bottom level are among others the Underdogs, Bravo Company, the Nerd Herd, the Losers, the Goths and several of the known bullies.[3]

the staff dais at the top level of Crystal Hall. There was another faculty and staff dining area out of sight of the students, but most of the time, having a few staff members at the top level quelled unrest and tensions among the students.[5]