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Dangerous Days is the fifth Tennyo story by Starwolf, released on 2007-06-04. It runs from 2006-10-03 to 2006-10-15. It follows Tennyo: It's Nice to Have Friends and is followed by Dangerous Games.



Journal Entry 1[]


Journal Entry 8[]

Friday Evening: October 13th Journal Entry (9)[]


First Journal Entry Boston (Journal Entry 10)[]


Tennyo’s first day of detention starts with refusing to go into the toilets. Instead she does the mopping, and helps Dr. Heavy.

The next day she helps Fubar and Fire Forge, and learns why the Thornies disliked her, as well as the fact that they are often bullied. She starts making plans to organize the Thornies to protect themselves from bullies.

During Friday’s dance class, she realizes that Harry and Hexette are becoming a couple. They offer to break it off when they realize she is jealous, but she tells them to go ahead and be happy. She is surprised to find she is hurt and was interested in Harry, and she is rather freaked out by that feeling.

The next night, Negator and Buster attack her on Tansy’s orders, assuming that she will be easy to take down with her powers negated. However, that is definitely not true, although Tennyo herself doesn’t remember exactly what she did.

The following weekend, Team Kimba goes to Boston, and gets into a fight with the Children of the Night. Tennyo defeats the Arch-Fiend. Back at Hawthorne, she tells the Thornies about it, and makes friends with Lupine.