Alex Morgan, code name Dash, is a speedster and member of the Masterminds. He considers himself a gentleman adventurer. He also goes through romantic interests very rapidly. According to the Masterminds page on the old wiki he's a member of the class of 2008.


Dash is a member of the group whose attempt to steal the Modular Component Harness is foiled by STAR League Jr.[1]

Dash is a member of the team that steals the Key of Nimue from an unnamed museum in Boston.[2]

Dash, with the rest of the Masterminds, attempts to steal Ayla's information sources, leading to the multi-way fight with the Spy Kids, the Lit Chix, the Three Little Witches, Bladedancer and Gateway.[3]

There are minor references in several stories.[4]


Dash is an Exemplar-2 and a short-term Energizer. When he is boosted by his energizer power he has roughly 5-ton class strength and 100 mph top speed, but it takes him 10 minutes to build up a charge and it only lasts for another 10 minutes. Afterwards he needs at least an hour and a lot of food to recover enough to do it again. So much for Combat Finals.[3]


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