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Bridget/Bridgett/Bridgette Johnson, code name Dashboard, is the president of the Gearheads. She's either a gadgeteer or a devisor, probably the latter.

“Never had ‘em,” the senior replied with a toothy grin to further slur out her thick Detroit accent.
“Sure, Bridgett,” Elaine replied, making way for the President of the Gear Heads Club. Dashboard stood a very confident six four, but had the lean and lanky build of a basketball player. Her milk chocolate complexion was highlighted by the red and white bandana she was using to keep her cornrow ponytail in line with. She moved with a leonine grace that belied her height, generally wearing her clothing a size big to further fight the image. Just now she was wearing a gray halter-top emblazoned with a Chevy logo and cargo jeans that dipped well past the bright yellow working boots that completed the ensemble.

She designed the holographic projectors of the Devisor Imaging and Planning Lab.


She drops by Loophole's room to tell her that the Don had gotten beat up.[1]

She takes Murphy shopping for some junkers, and gets into a drag race in Berlin.[2]

She was a candidate for Alpha Female, 2007-01-20. Poise named her as her second.[3]

In April 6, 2007 she upgrades Arena 77 with her hard-light projector technology, when we learn she visited Loophole in Georgia during the summer of 2006. Six days later, she brings Loophole and invitation to the Poe Cottage Hot Tub party, at which point we learn she is a lesbian with some bisexual leanings, and had an affair with Kodiak during their sophomore year.[4]