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Sandi ?, code name Dazzle, is one of the Whateley Martial Arts Cheerleaders.

Normally, the Whateley Martial Arts Cheerleaders didn’t hang out en masse, let alone in uniform. While their self-proclaimed leader, Patty (a.k.a. ‘The Yellow Queen’), did wear the uniform every time she had an excuse, she normally hung out with her two best buds Kelly and Ginger, and her little sister Little Bee tagged along. Sandi, Stacy and Tiffany did occasionally hang with Patty, Kelly and Ginger, but they actually had wardrobes, thank you very much![1]
And Dazzle did a lot of basic moves, with flashes of light added in to make it hard to see. She looked kind of strong – not Lancer strong or Phase strong, but stronger than a baseline – but not quick too, like Aztecka was.[2]


Winter 2007[]