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Deathlist is a nine foot tall cyborg, a sadistic psychopath who enjoys torturing the pure, weak and helpless as well as killing heroes. He's the Chessmaster's lover and the head of the Tiger Guard. He's one of Lady Astarte's foes.[1][2]

His own parents drugged him and had him crushed with a trash compactor, back when he was a flesh and blood mutant.[3]

He killed one of Elizabeth Carson's children. He killed Wayne Sotherby, who had served nobly for fourteen years as Champion. Elizabeth Carson witnessed him rip Lyla Foster - the woman who had helped adapt his crippled, mangled body into his first cyborg chassis - apart. Carson hated him because she had gone out of her way to help him when he was just a poor, helpless cripple... and he’d made a sick hobby out of repaying her kindness by attacking those she loved at every opportunity. She hated him for playing on her sympathy again and again, crying out for help and then turning on her when she extended a hand in forgiveness. She hated him for mocking her every time that she did the right thing, no matter how painful it was. But most of all, she hated him for making her accept the hatred as a part of her life.[3]

He met Elizabeth Carson at some time when he would have called her “Missuz Wells”[3] Which would be some point at or after 1978, when she married Hugh Wells.[4] So, Deathlist is at least... 27? by Halloween of the 2006-2007 school year?

Part of his invincibility is because of a special "Antagonist Response Program" that the Chessmaster supplies for each target.[3]

In the climactic battle with Lady Astarte on Halloween, his programmed responses are upset by Clover, who's a probability warper. Consequently, he's almost killed, but his vital parts are teleported away just before Lady Astarte destroys them.[3]

He's got a 2 billion dollar price on his head,[1] so the additional 25 million offered by the Syndicate for his part in the Halloween Horror seems to be chicken feed.[5]

Equipment on Halloween Horror Combat Chassis[]

  • Dermal armor impervious to the X-113 Eliminator™ Personal Assault Cannon. Possibly is the "Wexlerite exterior protective carapace"[3]
  • Small short-focus laser ignites a thin plasma stream like a tiny blowtorch, in a compartment on his forearm.[3]
  • Other stuff