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Delta Spike (Elaine Fleischer, born Elliot) is a devisor as well as an induced energizer and exemplar. She rooms on the third floor of Poe Cottage with Marty Penn. She's a legitimate genius, but she got her sex change and energizer powers from Dr. Pygmalion before she turned him in to the police.[1]

She's known around the Workshop as the Explosion Queen. Her experience with Dr. Pygmalion seems to have convinced her she can take crazy chances and succeed; it hasn't sunk in that one instance isn't a trend. She shut down the Fall 2006 Weapons Fair with an out-of-control energy something.[2] This wasn't unexpected: the Weapons Fair always ends with something going wrong, blowing up or otherwise going out of control.

She accidentally creates galvanomorphs, self-perpetuating energy vortex with remedial survival and hunting instincts.[1]

She was the picture of a Hollywood ‘Girl Scientist’, the one who’s supposed to be a drab little geek, but you know that the second that she takes off her glasses and lets her hair down, she’s absolutely gorgeous. Delta Spike had long glossy black hair that was tied up in a style that really didn’t suit her. She wore a pair of thick clunky-looking black frame glasses that couldn’t have done a better job of disguising her classic features if she’d designed them for just that task.
Delta Spike stood and turned. “Besides being both a Devisor AND a legitimate genius, I am an induced energizer-” “ANYWAY, as I was saying,” Delta Spike ruthlessly dragged the topic back over to her, “I am an induced energizer- zaps, force field, flight, increased strength, increased healing rate, your basic overall energizer package. No one thing is really all that great, BUT, this suit harnesses, focuses and refines my energy. The body stocking is tough enough to stop a .45 round at ten feet. It also gives me enough structural support so that I increase my dead-lift weight from roughly 2,200 pounds to 6,500 pounds. THESE-” she pointed at the black bands on her wrists that contrasted so much with her mostly white outfit, “refine my energy zaps into more effective forms. Still haven’t gotten the ‘freeze ray’ to work right yet though.” She shrugged that off. “Anyway, after getting that ‘Space Ghost’-”[1]


Winter 2006[]