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Demona, birth name unknown, is a shape-shifter with an unusually weird back-story. She was originally an uncontrollable shapeshifter, code named Tool.

Tool was odder than either of her two companions. She almost looked like a “Jawa” from Star Wars, hunched over within her hooded robe. And whatever her body was like within the robe, it seemed to be in a fairly low level of shifting and alterations, since the robe’s few openings displayed hands, tentacles, or claws at various points, and the facial opening allowed the occasional glimpse of eyestalks. Once, Jinn-Lazuli got a full glimpse into the hood, and saw her own face reflected within (or rather, the face of Lazuli).

Tool was changed into Demona in a magical ceremony run by Hekate which also involved Jinn and eventually Tennyo.[1]

Demona is a gargoyle at night—blue skin, wings, horns, claws. During the day she's a fairly normal looking girl who insists she should be called Dominique Destine. She based her new identity on the Gargoyles animated TV show character.[1][2]

Nobody else at Whateley knows it, but Tool was originally male. His uncontrollable shapeshifting meant that, on seeing an attractive female, he couldn't avoid thinking about girls—and transforming into one. And Whateley has lots of attractive females. He meant to be transformed into Goliath, another Gargoyles character, but his concentration failed again, and Demona is now permanently female. Which she's taking rather well. Or else he's in complete denial.[1]

She lives in Whitman Cottage (rooming with Tesla),[2] and is part of Faction Three, competing with Shroud for Thuban's attentions. He's also trying to get close with Shroud, under the guise of teaching her about being a shifter and how to interact with boys. Her internal integration of what sex he is, well, its kinda shaky.