The Department of Paranormal Studies is an agency of the Japanese government which regulates paranormal affairs. It is parallel to the US DPA (Department of Paranormal Affairs). In some stories, this is referred to as the Department of Paranormal Services or the Institute for Paranormal Studies.

Department of Paranormal Studies is the actual name, and it's an official government agency under the Imperial Household Agency, again, an official gov't agency, of the Japanese government. Japan is weird.[1]
DOPS is run by the Imperial family because of the spiritual and religious aspects involved. (Remember who exactly is the chief 'priest' or 'priestess' of Ise, more or less the 'Vatican' of Shino (or close enough for this consideration.)) It also helped in the 1947 constitution, there were so *few* known yokai and metahumans involved, magic itself had a religious connotation, and the issue of the wards, it was felt that IHA could handle the job, since the keys were Imperial property, as well as the duty of the Imperial family to provide the person in charge of Ise. (They get around the "Emperor has no power" clause, by it *never* being run *officially* by the Emperor. His youngest son is the official head, Kako is his 'deputy'). As mutants and more Yokai came out of the woodwork, DOPS already had a 'structure' in place, and generally just kept the job. Mostly because *it worked*, and Yomi supported it (and the majority of the grads, as well, which a *lot* work for the various agencies involved who may or may not have wanted a grab).[1]
DOPS in essence handles *all* direct and immediate paranormal issues. Metahuman or yokai, magic regulation, etc. When it crosses into other areas (Justice, MEXT, Foreign Affairs, METI are the big ones), DOPS 'coordinates' (generally makes sure the metahuman/yokai persons fit into the system, while letting those Ministries or Agencies set the general rules, only pushing stuff that has to be *specific* towards paranormal affairs. If it's found use as a 'off the books' FA or other such office, that can be officially 'swept' under the rug, who knows?) with the appros agency.[1]

DOPS is supported by Temple, an Installation-Class AI.[2]


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