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Dickinson Cottage is a girls-only cottage located about 300 yards to the north-east of the central campus, on top of Dickinson Hill. It's exclusively for non-GSD students, although students with very mild GSD who can pass for baseline with minimal effort may also be lodged here. As one of the Trustees puts it:

Dickinson is where we house the girls who we think need a nice safe place to get used to the weirdness that’s built into in their own mutation.[1]

Dickinson was one of the two original cottages present at Whateley after it reopened as a mutant school, the other being Emerson.[2]

It has the same floor plan as all the other cottages except Melville and Hawthorne.

The room was identical to all the others in the cottage, twelve by twenty feet, and likewise all the furniture was standard issue, a faux blonde maple that consisted of a pair of student desks on the wall with the door, a pair of 4 drawer dressers, a wardrobe for hanging items, and a night stand at the foot of each bed. The beds themselves were a simple tube iron frame twin types in black and a dorm fridge the girls shared sat between the two windows on the far wall.[3]

Note that the above contradicts the description in the earlier stories; the room is well over twice as large.

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  • Dicktwits (Tamahagane-made)[11]



  1. Presumably a senior and graduated that spring, given that Pythia (2011) exists.