Diedrick's[1] Syndrome is a mental disorder in mutants.


Diedrick's Syndrome was named for James Diedrick (AKA Maelstrom) who was the first person diagnosed with this.[2]

Here's a quote from the learned bio-physicist B.D. Corvin on the subject:

Diedrick's Syndrome is a condition where the use of a mutant power causes the brain to overproduce certain kinds of neuro-transmitters. The exact effect of these neurotransmitters varies with the individual but classic effects are: megalomania, euphoria, paranoia, irrationality, delusions and extreme mood swings. Diedrick's is a very 'Bipolar' condition with extreme swings being followed by balancing periods of extreme lucidity, remorse, ultra-rationalism, fatigue and even narcolepsy. The Classic Diedrick's sufferers are Energizers but Manifesters, Devisors, Mages, and Psis are also susceptible to it. The classic bit with a supervillain ranting about the 'genius' of his 'master plan' as energy cascades all round him, is a seminal Diedrick's image.[3]

Known SufferersEdit


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