Dr. Donna Bell, Senior Case Worker, Arkham Research Consortium.[1]

Nathan’s eyes almost popped out of his head when Doctor Donna Bell walked through the door. She was easily six foot tall, tanned skin and long blonde hair down to her waist, held in an attractive ponytail. Her smart business attire was conservative and tasteful, yet managed not to conceal any of her femininity, while her glasses simply screamed ‘brainiac’.[1]
She took a deep breath, “I, myself, am a mutant, classified as an Exemplar 2. I was fortunate that my changes were wholly beneficial and not too far above the human norm. My parents switched my school and I went on to university, gaining a masters in both psychology and parapsychology from Miskatonic U. It was through my course in parapsyke that I came into contact with the mutant community and earned my place at ARC.”[1]

Introduced via a card left with Gary by the infamous Mrs. P, Donna successfully removes Sara Waite from Sydney, Australia, using an ARC sub-orbital shuttle to travel to ARC's main facility in Arkham, Massachusetts.

Donna ends up being co-opted as Sara's guardian. Later, she gets co-opted into Sara's harem. And becomes the first to carry Sara's young.


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