Other uses of the name Donner include Ben Donner, Eloise Donner, Paige Donner, Petra Donner, Josephine Donner, Mrs. Donner and Melvin Donner. This page is about the student with the code name of Donner.

Pers Gundersson[1], code name Donner, is a member of the Vindicators training team. He appears to be some form of telekinetic, focused on his hammer, and possibly either an Exemplar or a very limited TK superman. Whichever it is, he's able to survive dropping into a pit trap with spikes on the bottom.[2] He speaks Swedish and is hopeless in five other languages (at least according to Kismet), including English.[2]

Next to her was Donner, in a costume that I would have described as ‘if superheroes wanted to look like Vikings but didn’t do the research’. It was a gray supersuit underneath fake Viking boots, fake Viking tunic, fake Viking arm bracers, and a fake Viking helmet. He kept swinging his sledgehammer by its handle-strap.[3]

Donner appears with the Vindicators in Team Tactics[4][5] and also the second Yama Dojo Ninja attack on Parents' Day.[6]


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