Dorothy Maxwell

Dorothy Maxwell by Drunkfu

Dorothy Maxwell is a student at Russel High School, and the daughter of Mr. Maxwell, who teaches Math and Volleyball.[1] She is a brunette. She is one of Suzan Chylds' sidekicks,[2] or so it seems.[1] Becky Brown is the other sidekick.[1] She is a powerful esper, with the uncontrolled ability to cause people to forget her; she slips everyone's mind.[1]

She had been sexually abused by her father since her mother left their family.[1]

Her mutation activated at a young age, an age where she'd been too short to steal cookies from off the kitchen counter.[1]

She wrote Twilight Pirates slash fic.[1]

She can perform psychic 'nudges' and had set up Suzan and Josh's meetings.[1]


  • Jobe Wilkins (a guy in my fanfic ring who wrote nothing but drow and spider sex stories)[1]


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